New Sod Lawn Care Cost Jacksonville FL

The average lawn size in Jacksonville Florida is 3,000 Sq. Ft. To hire a professional lawn care service to fertilize and care for Zoysia sod grass of this size it cost around $39.95 per month. This includes servicing your sod or lawn every month. In our opinion it is worth paying to have a lawn spraying companies take care of your sod. Many homeowners try to do it them self and actually end up doing more damage then good for the sod.

Due to the complexity of Sod Lawn Care we suggest hiring a professional lawn care company. If you would like to try to treat your new sod yourself be sure to follow the schedule to the tee. Read more about doing your own lawn care.

Sod Weed Control Care

During the course of a year it is necessary to care for
  • Sod Weed Control
  • Sod Fungus Control
  • Fertilizing Sod Lawn
  • Treating Sod Pest
tilling soil for new sod installation St. Augustine Sod Installation