Sod Installation Service Jacksonville Florida

We are a sod Installation service in Jacksonville FL. Before the sod installationTilling Soil For Sod Installation we perform a soil test. New lawn sod will not grow well unless the soil test comes back showing the P.H. and nutrient requirements are in check. We also help you select the appropriate type of lawn sod to install. Below is how we sod in Jacksonville . Contact Us for sod installation prices

Installing Sod

The sod installation Sod Installation Jacksonvilleis done on the same day as the sod delivery. If it is a hot day water will be applied to the soil before the sod is laid (the hot soil can damage the roots of the sod). We stagger the joints of the sod in a brick shaped pattern to avoid gaps. The sod is laid tightly together avoiding gaps and overlaps. We will cut the sod around trees or flowerbeds unless told otherwise.

Test Soil & Spray Weeds

The initial visit will be scheduled two weeks prior to preparation work. A payment of one half down will be collected on the initial visit. Two tasks will be performed. Number one collect a soil sample to be mailed out and number two spray a herbicide to kill any living plant life.
1. At least two weeks in advance we will collect a soil sample and send it off to North Florida's extension's office for a official analysis of the condition of your soil. The results will return within two weeks and clearly state exactly what nutrients are lacking in your soil to sustain vigorous plant growth.
We will purchase the necessary nutrients according to your soil analysis. The costs are usually no more than $30-$50 which will need to be added onto final bill for (you will be provide with the receipt and the soil test results). We will include the installation of the nutrients whether they need to be added before or after we till.
2. We will spray herbicide weed killer two weeks in advance. The herbicide will kill any living plant life by attacking the root structure. The process of the herbicide takes two weeks to totally kill plant life.

 Check Irrigation + Till Soil

On the second visit there will be two tasks performed. Number one check irrigation system. Number two is to till the soil.
1. An analysis will be taken of the irrigation system. The condition of each zone will be checked. You will be notified if there are any current issues. As we are checking your system all heads will be marked to ensure minimal damage during the tilling process. The irrigation will be checked again after the preparation work is completed. Any damage (outside of the existing problems) to your system caused by the preparation work will be repaired by us free of charge.
2. Next we will till the soil 4-6 inches with our cultivator. The tilling depth will vary depending on how deep your irrigation pipes are. We then level your soil to allow for proper water runoff and visual aesthetics. Watch or video below of our tilling and leveling processes.

What is the best Soil for sod?
Loams, sandy loams and loamy sands, with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0

How deep do you till the soil when we do the preparation work for sod?
The minimum soil tilling depth for sod 4 inches. However, for deeper root penetration and the benefits tilling 6 inches.

Can Soils Be Improved?
Only if soil test results says your PH. is off or shows a lack of a nutrient. The sod that is
installed by us is raised in the same soil that is in your front lawn if your form Jacksonville Florida.