Zoysia Grass Sod in Florida

Empire Zoysia grass is advertised as a trouble free lawn, drought tolerant and slow growing grass. I'm here to tell you Zoysia grass sod can create a great lawn. However the only advantages over St. Augustine grass is Zoysia grass may require less maintenance, including less mowing and fertilizing.

Zoysia Sod Jacksonville Fl
  • Tolerates partial shade
  • Dense, but spreads slowly
  • extremely drought tolerant
  • Does not tolerate poorly drained soils
  • One of the most wear tolerant turf grasses

Zoysia grass sod is especially slow to grow if planted in the shade. If there's a lot of shade in your yard, no matter the climate, you should probably pass on Zoysia grass. Shady lawn patches simply won't go green.

Zoysia sod has fine leaf blades compared to St. Augustine sod grass. It is lush, dark green and forms a dense cover. Zoysia sod resists weeds due to its thick growth habit If grown properly, it creates dense lawn that makes it almost impossible for weeds to invade. It will thrive in the summer heat, and not be bothered by freezing temperatures.

Zoysia Sod Jacksonville Fl

We use Zoysia Sod, not plugs. The easiest way to grow Zoysia grass is by installing Zoysia sod. It takes about to 1 year for sprigs or plugs to cover a lawn area resulting in a non stop battle controlling weeds in the lawn.

Empire Zoysia Sod

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Zenith Zoysia Grass Sod

Zenith sod creates a dense lawn. Zenith grass is a new type of Zoysia. There are many types of Zoysia sod but Zenith is the best grass that can be grown from seed. Using Zoysia seed makes re-establishing dead patches of lawn easy.

Zenith sod is readily available for most of the year. Zenith Sod tends to grow pretty slow compared to St. Augustine sod. You may only have to mow your zenith sod lawn once every two weeks from the looks of it.

Zenith sod looks much like Meyer Zoysia grass and Centipede grass sod. The blades of Zenith grass are not as thin as Emerald Zoysia grass.

Zenith Seed Time Lapse

Buy or Installation Pricelist of Zoysia Sod Grass

Prices on sod are subject to change without notice Installation includes taking a soil sample, applying nutrients needed, killing lawn weeds, tilling the soil and installing quality sod grass. Note: Zoysia comes in 450 Sq. Ft. If you are looking into just buying sod for Sod Delivery tax, pallet charge and delivery may be additional.
450 Sq Ft 1 pallet 2 Pallet 3 Pallet 4 Pallet 5 Pallet 6 Pallet 7 Pallet 8 Pallet 9 Pallet
Price to Buy $175 $350 $525 $700 $875 $1050 $1225 $1400 $1575
Installed Price $550 $900 $1210 $1536.24 $1845.3 $2113.86 $2368.92 $2664.48 $2919.54
Buy Zoysia Sod or Sod Installation Prices Continued
450 Sq Ft 10 Pallet 11 Pallet 12 Pallet 13 Pallet 14 Pallet 15 Pallet 16 Pallet 17 Pallet 18 Pallet
Price to Buy $1750 $1925 $2100 $2275 $2450 $2625 $2800 $2975 $3150
Installed Price $3310.6 $3552.16 $3838.72 $4066.78 $4348.84 $4630.9 $4912.96 $5095.02 $5377.08

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