St Augustine Sod Jacksonville

St Augustine sod Floratam is the most widely used grass in Florida. It has thick leaf blades and grows poorly in cold and shade. It will not grow well unless the re-sodded lawn gets 6 hours of sunlight daily. There are shade tolerant types of St. St Augustine Sod Jacksonville Florida St Augustine sod see Types of St. Augustine sod and how they grow. St. Augustine grass grows vigorously in warm weather, but has a relatively long period of dormancy in Jacksonville Florida and greens up more slowly in the spring. Chinch bugs are now a major pest of Floratam sod lawn grass. It is also susceptible to gray leaf spot and other diseases. It should be mowed at 3.5 to 4 inches.

St. Augustine Grass

Advantages of St. Augustine Sod St Augustine Grass Jacksonville Florida
-St. Augustine sod has a green to blue-green dense turf
-Establishment of St. Augustine grass from sod is quick and easy

Disadvantages of St. Augustine Sod
-It has poor wear tolerance and will generally not stay green throughout the winter months
-insect pest of St. Augustine grass is the chinch bug