Lawn Grass Sod for Shade

Do you need shade sod for your lawn. You may notice that your lawn grass is not growing as well in shaded areas. Most grass requires full Sun for optimal growth. For heavily shaded areas shade loving plants is an alternative to sod grass. Shade tolerant sod needs at least four hours of sunlight a day. if shade sod does not receive four hours of sunlight a day it will be thin and possibly die. No grass will survive with less than four hours of sunlight a day. Afternoon sun is better than morning sun for St. Augustine sod grass. Dwarf shade sod is available for St. Augustine grass. The best shade sod appears to be Delmar, Seville, and Captiva.

Your maintenance habits differ in shaded parts of the lawn. Increase the mowing height for more photosynthesis to take place in the sod grass lawn. Reduce irrigation in shaded areas. Reduce fertilization shade sod does not need as much nitrogen.
Sod in Jacksonville Florida
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