Before Installing Sod The Soil Must Be Tilled

There is no better time to enhance a lawns ultimate beauty and success then before you sod.
Benefits of Proper Soil Preparation
  • Reduced Use of Water, Fertilizer, Chemicals
  • Faster recovery from wear
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Increased Density
  • Improved Uniformity

Roto tilling allows for optimum root growth. Sod needs sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Simply put if its lacking any one of these the sod will suffer. In the right proportions, the grass will flourish, but many soils are compact. By tilling the soil, air and nutrients are stirred up and made readily available to the sod. This will allow for rapid new root growth. As long as you can provide the water and sunlight!

There are many companies that do sod installation. We would like to show you why we are the best. Our re-sodding process usually takes three days for most projects.

Sod Jacksonville Cultivator Tiller

There are many methods used to try to preform the task of our lawn cultivator. But our cultivator can act as a garden tiller or a cultivator for your lawn before sod is installed.

We can cultivate your lawn or garden for a very reasonable price. We specialize in residential work because of our compact utility unit.

We use what we call the Lawn Cultivator to cultivate it is the best method to prepare your residential yard.

tilling soil for new sod installation St. Augustine Sod Installation