Adding Lime To Raise PH

Sod in Jacksonville Florida Target P.H. for:
  • Zoysia = 6.5-6.8
  • St. Augustine = 6.5
Lime and fertilizer should be purchased at your local Site One landscape dealer . It takes time to adjust your soils PH. After a year of following the treatment plan below a soil test is recommended to see where your PH is. You can then see if you need to keep treating your lawn this way or start with a regular fertilizer program. Keep in mind a soil test should be performed once a year.

How Much Lime to Apply to Your Lawn

Add 20 pounds of lime per 1000 sq. ft.
For Example:
Take your total square footage of lawn area and divide by 1000 then multiply that number by 20.
That will tell you how many pounds of lime to add to your lawn.

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