We Build Wood Retaining Walls in Jacksonville Florida

Installation prices of your wood retaining wall will vary depending on the height, length, design and strength required to withstand the force pushing on the back of the retaining wall.

Wood Retaining walls last around 20-30 years. There are different types of materials to use when building wood retaining walls. Some won't last as long as others. All the materials we install to build a wood retaining wall are able to with-stand the moist environment they will reside in. That adds a little to the overall cost of retaining wall installation. But one weak link can cause some major problems and headaches for you. Pressure treated wood and galvanized metals are used when building wood retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Wall Installation
  • Building a retaining wall that is structurally secure for the application
  • When designing a retaining wall we take in to account the appearance of the wall. Does it need to be appealing? Or maybe it will never be seen so it does not matter.
  • Designing retaining wall drainage: If water gets trapped behind the retaining wall it creates excess force pushing the retaining wall out.